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‘GreenGro Blackout System™’ — Light Deprivation Greenhouses Improve Yields, Maximize Profits | BP Gardens

‘GreenGro Blackout System™’ — Light Deprivation Greenhouses Improve Yields, Maximize Profits

By August 20, 2015News

Services for Agriculture and Cannabis Markets Include Leasing, Financing, Insurance

ANAHEIM, CA–(Marketwire – August 20, 2015) – Greengro Technologies (OTC: GRNH) announced today that it has introduced the first in its planned series of automated retractable light deprivation greenhouse systems complete with leasing and financing options and tailored crop and business insurance programs for the advanced agriculture and medical and recreational cannabis markets.

Greengro Tech’s Automated GreenGro Blackout System maximizes business opportunities for growers by optimizing potential profits, lowering labor costs and drastically reducing the need for expensive, high-powered grow lights.

Light deprivation (aka “light dep”) is a money-saving, yield-maximizing technique that works by systematically covering the greenhouse to block out sunlight, thus tricking plants into flowering early.  This method gives growers greater control of light and plant budding cycles and enables them to choose when to harvest.  A properly run suppression grow can predictably produce desirable, market-ready crops or buds that are huge, dense and heavily laden with sparkly dank resin.

“With products like these turnkey, automated light-depravation greenhouses, Greengro Tech continues to refine and build on our current platform of fully contained modular grow rooms and portable grow containers,” said Greengro Technologies CEO James Haas.

Added Haas: “State-of-the-art ‘light dep’ systems help to accelerate the company’s strategy to be the leader in our market segments.  And we anticipate that our recent teaming with a national finance and insurance partner will help us better serve many more customers and increase our long-term market share and profitability.”

Greengro Blackout System

The Automated GreenGro Blackout Systems are built of American-made triple-galvanized steel frames to ensure durability and long life.  Programmable controllers enable growers to manage heating, cooling, humidity and lighting.  Extra-tall design improves ventilation while high side walls maximize usable space.  Greengro Blackout Systems tarps are breathable and easy to use.

GreenGro Blackout Systems are available in two kit sizes: , 30’W-x-60L,  and 30’W-x-120’L.  Each system comes with accessories, fans, wet wall and heating unit controllers.  Multiple exhaust and airflow fans are included for each kit size.

The 30’W-x-120’L GreenGro Blackout System starts at $34,900 (20 percent below comparable competitor pricing).

Financing Available

Greengro Technologies and Vertical Hydrogarden offer flexible financing alternatives to help you purchase our systems.  Financing options are available to all approved applicants.  Please contact us to start your approval process.  Click on http://greengrotech.com/finance or

http://verticalhydrogarden.com/finance to get started.

About Greengro Technologies

Greengro Technologies (OTC: GRNH) is a world class provider of eco-friendly green technologies with specific domain expertise in indoor and outdoor agricultural science systems serving both the consumer and commercial farming markets. It brings together community and commerce through the growth and distribution of healthy, nutritious foods and vital medicines backed by science and technology. Customers include restaurants, community gardens, small and large scale commercial clients.

Greengro Technologies also provides design, construction and maintenance services to large grow and cultivation operations and collectives in the medical and recreational marijuana sectors.

The company’s websites www.greengrotech.com, www.bpgardens.com and www.verticalhydrogarden.com offer regular updates including educational videos, projects updates, recipes and nutritional information, and where to find the company’s products.

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