Buena ParkHydroponic System


Quick Stats

  • 5,000 seat grow system.
  • Fully hydroponic.

Lincoln HillsAquaponic System


BP Gardens Lincoln Hills


Installing siphoning style drain system in Tank 2. Assuring the correct height of drain top will dictate the filled water level capacity.


7,000 sq. ft. greenhouse with use of a single 3-phase 1.5 amp air blower powering 256 air stones in all four race ways.


Adding a second gel coat layer over the fiberglass seams.


Farming tanks being filled directly from wells for the first time.


...This helps self clean our farming tanks to assure most solids are purged into filtration process.


Returning water from the greenhouse enters the fish farming tanks in a angled approach to create a circulating vortex within the tank.


Construction and assembly of our 70’ L x 4’ WetWall - Assuring us the ability to keep our greenhouse climate as cool as possible in the extreme summer months.


WetWall cooling pads about to be installed.


A water raceway being fitted with a HDPE liner.


2” bulkhead drain being installed and tied into our 6” return drain system for the water to leave the greenhouse and return to the fish tanks.


Twin 6” risers to help vent the returning water system to the sump room in order to be returned to the Fish Farming Tanks.


Quick Stats

  • Zero waste.
  • 80% water savings.